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Defending healthcare professionals and organizations in regulatory arenas

Why Choose Lowell Law?

Why Choose Lowell Law

Learn how we are your top choice as legal defense for health care.

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Healthcare legal defense and regulations assistance

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We provide legal services for health care professionals and organizations.

Welcome to Lowell Law Center, the first choice for Health Care Providers and Professionals. Our  extensive experience, with a proactive approach and a commitment to our clients’ success, has made us one of the most effective choices for your healthcare legal matters.  Lowell Law Center is dedicated to providing a level of personal service that is largely  unavailable in larger firms, and that focuses exclusively on the healthcare industry and the laws that govern it.

When choosing your representation, choose a firm that understands the very unique challenges confronting hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices and long-term care facilities. Lowell Law Center provides a complete range of legal services specifically catered to healthcare providers and professionals.